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Join Us In The Delectable Journey To An Exclusive And Tasty Reinvention Of A Meal At Jheel.

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lakeside restaurant Norwest

Booking time from 5:30 pm and dine-in duration strictly until 7 pm

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Jheel – The Dining Experience”

“Jheel”  directly translates from Hindi to English as “lake”.  “Lake” resonates with beauty, serenity, and subtleness, the same reflected in our mission to bring classic yet creative dishes from the Indian Subcontinent to your plate.

“Quality food and service is the essence of Jheel to create a memorable experience for our guests

lakeside restaurant norwest
lakeside restaurant norwest

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flavour of India at lakeside restaurant norwest
flavour of India at lakeside restaurant norwest
flavour of India at Indian restaurant Baulkham Hills
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Jheel Indian Subcontinental Cuisine

Our chef’s extensive experience as an Executive Chef in reputed five-star hotels in India allowed him to dabble in Italian, Mexican and Seafood cuisines, in addition to his vast skills in the Indian menu.

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Best in Class Restaurant

Tandoori Chicken at Jheel (Restaurants Fine Dining)

Indian Sub-continental Cuisine

Exquisite traditional Indian cuisine

Lakeside Restaurants Norwest

Lake Side Dining

Enjoy delicious food and an amazing view

Spicy Indian Food in Sydney

For Lovers of spice!

Exotic array of spices

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Breads, Rice & Sides




Indian Subcontinental Food

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Our Team

Indian restaurants in Norwest
Anchal (Chef)
She is a young talented chef learning under chef sathisha ,has a passion for cooking and ambition to grow.
Sathisha Lingayath - Master Chef of Jheel
Sathisha Lingayath (Chef)
Has over 30 years and worked as an executive chef in a 5 *star hotel. He was involved in running a popular Indian restaurant ‘The Roy’ at Sydney’s northern beaches
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