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Jheel – The Dining Experience”

“Jheel”  directly translates from Hindi to English as “lake”.  “Lake” resonates with beauty, serenity, and subtleness, the same reflected in our mission to bring classic yet creative dishes from the Indian Subcontinent to your plate.

“Quality food and service is the essence of Jheel to create a memorable experience for our guests

Our Head Chef Sathisha has extensive experience working as an Executive Chef at reputable 5-star hotels in India, enabling him to dabble in various cuisines from across the world. Sathisha prefers grinding his own spices and enjoys creating innovative dishes, thus our bimonthly menu embraces his talents and keeps our patrons excited.

Please, join us! 

On this delectable journey to a unique and palatable reinvention of a meal at Jheel.

The new beginning, welcome all

Indian Bread & Platters at Jheel
Indian Subcontinental Food


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