Dessert Menu

Mousse Trio

$ 16.5

Layer of sweet fresh mango, Pear & coconut, sweet cinnamon flavor, served with spiced apple coulis

Gulab Jamun

$ 12.5

Reduced milk fat dumpling, infused saffron cinnamon

Almond Halwa

$ 15.5

Soaked & blended almonds, cooked in almond milk and ghee, served with saffron infused orange

Choice of Ice cream

$ 7.5

Vanila, Tutti Frutti, Butterscotch, Rajbhog

Pineapple & passionfruit Granita

$ 13.5

Pineapple puree & Passion Fruit gelato served with rajbhog ice cream

Pot of Tea

$ 5.5

English B/F, Green, Pure Camomile

Beetroot Halwa

$ 13.5

Grated beetroot slow cooked in sugar & clarified butter, topped with almond flakes, pistachio

Desi Masala Chai

$ 5

Desi Filter coffee

$ 5.5

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